Focusing Forward

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it:  “relationship is where it’s at.”  That being, relationship with God (first) and relationship with others, each other (second).  It’s really nothing new – it’s no fresh concept, idea, or invention.  We simply have to take time to get personal and intimate in practically every area of life.

I continue to be amazed, perplexed, and a little troubled by people who claim a living faith and relationship but who don’t, won’t, and refuse to get personal.  I call that “closet Christianity.”  I also have no real interest in those who communicate personal perceptions, beliefs, and opinions behind a computer screen – in a forum that doesn’t lend itself to speaking fact and truth – which comes from the Living Word and through the Holy Spirit.  Some of the things I receive are absolutely ridiculous and aren’t even worth mentioning here. 

This is the bottom line, and I’m going on the record:  God ordained the Church, His body, to continue His work in the world.  We are a community called out and to holiness.  This is a practical holiness where relationships are birthed, nurtured, cultivated, and available.  In it all, we seek to glorify God and see His Kingdom expand.  Through His servant Paul, He has told us:  “Don’t forsake the gathering of the church.”  The Lord Himself told us:  “To go and make disciples of all nations…”   We have a great and awesome responsibility friends – because He deserves our best (not our leftovers, the first-fruits).  I know some have been hurt, damaged, and disappointed in so called “churches” – but know that is not what God wills or intends; and know that happened to me too at one point in my past.  Most of the time they are clubs and organizations hiding behind the name of a church – but it is not authentic, and it surely isn’t anointed with the Spirit of God. 

So many movements come and go, and so many catchy names get attached to movements.  Most of the time they want to protest or make a statement.  Through history and church history, relationships & communication could prevent and open up the opportunity for Christ-centered priority and right-of-way to be given.  Healing and repentance are a part of our community.  Jesus said, “By this others will know that you are My disciples: that you have love for one another” (John 13:35).  It’s time we seek the unity of the Spirit together, today.  Disregard the experts who appear to know so much about everything; who always seem to have something negative to say.  Let’s stop focusing on giving attention to inconsequential issues so that we can focus forward on building up a community where Jesus Christ is Lord!  A church like that can and will make a positive, eternal difference.  To God be the glory! 

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts…”

Pastor Porter