The Lord, My Shepherd!

     Today, in some personal, alone time with the Lord, I was led to the 23rd Psalm.  I believe the Lord’s lead to this treasure has had something to do with Ms. Dot Willis’ passing yesterday.  Surely she had a grand Homecoming in Heaven.

     But as I was reading the passage, I was reminded of the Greatness of our Good Shepherd.  I am probably as guilty as anyone else, in that it is usually in the passing of someone that we rely so much on Psalm 23.  In fact, it is often the most widely read at memorial services and burials.  But day by day, do we truly believe, realize, and confess that God is our Shepherd?  Do we allow Him to direct and guide without reservation?  Is our cry, “not my will, but Yours be done, today.” 

     What a joy when God has the helm of our life.  He can make sense of it all, and even if we don’t understand, He promises the peace that passes understanding.  He remains and He is near.  Right now, in your life, is He your Good Shepherd?  I know that He desires to be – for all of us.  Right now, let’s pray for a yielding to the Holy Spirit, that we might know intimately the Good Shepherd of souls.