Lovin’, Livin’, Learnin’

     It is simply amazing to know Jesus Christ, personally.  Here in the past few weeks since the calendar turned over to 2011, I have found myself reflecting back 11-12 years ago.  I really don’t know why, but I have felt “led” there each day for one reason or another. 

     This past Friday afternoon, after Coffee Talks and a few other things that filled up the morning and early afternoon – I went down to Emerald Isle.  Found myself walking along the beach – not the warmest day, but a beautiful one.  I was by myself, yet, I wasn’t alone.  I began to just talk out loud to God, much like I would talk to anyone reading this.  I was talking at one point, and I believe a middle aged couple who were “jog-walking” overheard me.  They may have thought I was crazy, thinking to themselves, that poor man is talking to himself.  But they did nod at me and say, hello.  Maybe they thought if I was out of my mind, being nice would be a safe thing to do (LOL).  Anyway, it was one of the most precious times I have ever had with the Lord, and He was right there with me.

     In the majestic landscape Friday, which was a portrait of His amazing creation – God reassured me that just like He can take care of everything here, in His creation – He can certainly also take care of each and every one of us.  The words that spoke to my heart…the words that I heard audibly, yes, audibly were:  “Trust Me!”  Now, perhaps that isn’t so profound to you – but it was to me.  Those precious words meant a great deal to me, personally.  God knew exactly what was going through my mind and heart.  He knows my deepest need, and He is fully capable and able to meet it.  I am trusting Him to.

     Friends, this year, more than any other – let us trust God together.  Sure, He absolutely speaks to each of us in our own individual life and relationship with Him.  But I really do feel convinced that this message, to trust Him, is essential for all of us.  In the midst of whatever may be causing us to doubt or not trust completely: job loss; horrific illness; rebellious child; financial concerns; relationship failure; childhood pain; traumatic event; etc. – let us trust Him. 

     I don’t pretend to know who else this may be for.  It’s not for me to know.  But I sincerely believe, and am convinced, that in 2011 – our Lord is calling us (individually and corporately, as His family) to trust Him with unwavering knowledge, wisdom, and faith.  Let’s do it!

     I am reminded of the song:  “In Your presence, That’s where I am strong, In Your presence O Lord my God, In Your presence, That’s where I belong, Seeking Your face, Touching Your grace, In the cleft of the Rock, In Your presence O God.”   

     Blessings and joy!  His love endures forever!

     Pastor Porter