Livin’ The Life

     Well, we have now officially seen the last of the most recent snow melt away.  Of course, the more recent rain has certainly helped.  Although, I must admit, the snow is gorgeous.  What a wonderful landscape the radiant white creates.

     In just a few weeks, we will be journeying through Paul’s Letter to the Church in Colasse (a.k.a. Colossians).  It is a precious gem in the fabric of the N.T., yet, because it is rather short in length, it is often overlooked.  I can tell you, whatever it may lack in length it more than makes up for in depth.  Let’s not be deceived even for a moment:  Colossians is powerful and it has a real, practical, everyday message for the church of 2011.

     Since the first of the year, I have truly sensed the Lord leading us to explore this treasure.  Just a few days before I came down with the flu, the Lord brought forth this title as I was reading the Koine’ Greek with my lexicon:  “Livin’ the Life.”  So for purposes of communication and identifying what we will be looking at through Colossians – our goal will be to honor and glorify God through the lives we live, day by day and moment by moment, for Him.  It truly is the God-ordered, Jesus-led, Spirit-filled life. 

     I encourage you to join us each Sunday in February and March for this journey together.  To be sure, I am not 100% sure what it is going to look like as of yet – but one thing is for sure:  We can trust God to meet us and lead us.  Please be in prayer as we approach the launch, and be sure to continue to pray for this new season the Lord is clearly leading us into.  May we truly seek His face, listen to His voice, and live the life – for Him!

Pastor Porter