Are Our “wills” in Line?

   “Livin’ The Life”

     This past Sunday, we kicked off a new series @ Bridgeway.  The central question, that seems to arise out of what Paul writes to the Colossians, is this:  Are you living this God-ordained, Jesus-led, Spirit-driven life?  Certainly this equates to fulfilling God’s will (not your own will) for your life.  In my days, I have witnessed people, including many Christian believers, press forth with their own will.  Thinking they have heard from God – reasoning that surely God will ordain this move, or change, or addition, or course — they press forth.  At some point, however, it may become clear (however quietly or with great pain) that the course of action did not comply with God’s will, desire, and plan.

     I can write and elaborate about this because I know.  About 10 years ago, I marched resolutely   forth with what I believed and convinced myself was “God’s plan” for me.  I was working in an entirely different environment: manufacturing.  I was overseeing a growing list of people.  I had big plans, a young family, and high hopes.  But in all my hopes and aspirations to continue on that path, and follow a well-thought out career plan, God interrupted and made it plainly known that I was following my will for my life.  In the 2 years that followed, I had much to relearn, and perhaps more than any other adjective or descriptor:  I was humbled.

     This Sunday, we will be in the Word looking to the Christ Who we follow in “Livin’ The Life” – Part II.  He is incredible, amazing, sufficient, and able!  I really want to encourage you to be with us this week, because I believe God has a message for all of us on how we can know that we are following Jesus Christ, in His Lordship, and not our own wants, needs, and desires.  Friend, God has a perfect will concerning you, your life, and your relationship with Him.  Be encouraged today that the Visionary, Creator, and Sustainer God – Who has crafted this universe and formed our very lives, has our very best interests at heart. 

     May His shalom guard your heart and mind, in Christ Jesus!

     Pastor Porter

Author: pastorpg

A follower of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene.

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