Us and Them

   In the early 1970’s, the group Pink Floyd recorded a song titled “Us and Them.”  I realized that I was just 2 years old when it was recorded, which simply demonstrates how popular it has been through a few decades.  When I was on my way home last evening from Beaufort, a car pulled up beside me at the light where 24 and 70 intersect in Morehead City.  Yep, you guessed it:  radiating from their sound system (with bass wide open I might add) was “Us and Them.”  Brought back a memory or two.

   The light turned green…they turned…I kept it going straight.  But the song (and really its theme) continued to go with me all the way home.  You know, that song has 2 sax solos in it?  Unique indeed!  I looked it up online, and another unique feature of that song (in its original writing and recording) is its length.  It is an astounding 7 min. 51 sec.  Just under 8 minutes.  Rarely do you see or hear songs that long today.  And yet, even through its jazz-infuenced chord progression, 7 min. 51 sec. really isn’t that long, is it?  Let me elaborate…

   While “Us and Them” is categorized as a sad song, one director who considered it for a movie rejected it by saying, “it’s beautiful, but sad…it makes me think of church.”  So I take that song title, “Us and Them,” and I think:  You know, Lord, it seems like the world has been locked into an “Us and Them” attitude and mentality for a really long time.  In the OT it is the people of God (us) and all the other tribes and peoples (them).  As Jesus arrives with Advent, it is the Jews (us) and the Romans (them).  In the early years of the NT Church it is the Christians (us) and the Jews/Gnostics/Judaizers (them).  Clearly God knew that barriers would exist in fallen man — that the old “Us and Them” ways would continue despite the sending of His Son to take away the sin of the world.

   I could no doubt go through all the social and economic divides.  But the one thing that stands out and shines forth, in my heart, is the fact that the “Us and Them” philosophy has no room whatsoever in the Body of Christ for the true and sincere believer and belonger.  What do you mean? – you may be asking.  Here is what I mean:  We are to bring the light and hope of Jesus Christ to a dark and sinful world, communicating a message of holiness, oneness, and Christ-likeness.  There is to be no “Us and Them” in God’s Church, that He died for.  We are one in Christ Jesus and He is the Head.  Sure, I realize there are distinctives; but the distinctives are not to be barriers and divides.  Let’s consider this a reminder and do our part in breaking down the “Us and Them” atmosphere so that we can go, make, baptize, and teach.  Read John 17 – a treasure. 

   Lord, help us and guide us — that we as people and Bridgeway as a Body would celebrate diversity and welcomes unity, in Your Lordship.  May Your Spirit lead us into all righteousness, that You would be satisfied, glorified, and magnified.  In Christ’s Holy Name.  Amen.

Author: pastorpg

A follower of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene.

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