Good Times

   What a wonderful day in the Lord!  As many of you know by now, tomorrow evening @ 5 pm we are hosting the May 2011 Worship for Until the Whole World Hears.  Each month, the group of church bodies and families from all over Carteret County are coming together, removing all barriers, and joining for a time of celebration, unity, worship, and encouragement.  I almost changed the title of this blog to “Great Times!”  In fact, it has been great times and I can’t imagine or fathom anyone not wanting in on what God is doing.

   Tomorrow night, beginning at 5 pm, we will come together as the children of God for the furtherance of His Kingdom.  As the pastor at Bridgeway, I want to take just a moment and publicly testify to my deep appreciation and excitement.  About 2 years ago, when I first sat down with Janet Spriggs, Leslie Overby, and the vision team at Floyd’s Restaurant in Morehead City, I was absolutely convinced that this was going to far exceed all human expectations.  I truly didn’t think that we could process or take in everything that God was going to do.  And from my standpoint, I know that I couldn’t.  Even in witnessing how it unfolded and how He has continued to bring people and church bodies on board, what joy and encouragement it has brought. Thank you Janet and Leslie, for your incredible faithfulness; and to all who have engaged and supported what is continuing to occur. 

   The July event at the Civic Center is going to be the culmination of what is unfolding now, in real time.  Yet, that is still not the end.  There is a deep desire and willingness to continue this — to not allow it to be “one and done.”  So I am inviting, encouraging, and really pleading with each and every one of you to get on board and join us.  This is for anyone and everyone who is able, interested, and willing.  I can’t imagine opting out of God’s clear movement and work here in Carteret County and in this region.  Too many miracles and acts of grace have occurred, over 2 years, for Him not to be in all the details.  I could spend pages telling you the stories and testifying to His love, mercy, and grace.  So please don’t forget:  YOU ARE INVITED TO OUR WORSHIP CELEBRATION @ 5 PM ON 5-15-11, AND BE SURE TO MARK DOWN SATURDAY, JULY 23, 2011 @ THE CIVIC CENTER.  You can find out more by visiting: or email me directly.  I would love to share this opportunity with you, personally.

Please join us in prayer, and know that you are loved!

In His grace with joy, joy, joy…

Pastor Porter

Author: pastorpg

A follower of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene.

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