The Gospel, according to…

     Noticed recently how many self-appointed “theologians,” “experts,” “historians,” and “contributors” there are in the Christian faith?  My lands, it would be nearly impossible to keep track of them all if you were to embark on such a task.  Probably a better question is:  Why would you want to?   Yes, there are many holy and spiritual counselors that speak truth and life.  But today, there are many who are negative and condescending when it comes to authentic Christianity, God’s Church, and culutral influence.  Others are hung up on the same old things they were 10, 20, and 30 years ago.  Today there is no shortage in “the Gospel according to ________.”  Just insert a name or a ministry on the line and you could virtually come up with a litany of possibilities.

   In the early church, Paul addressed an issue that was becoming a problem.  One was following Paul, another was following Apollos, etc. etc. etc.  The Apostle quickly confronted the issue and said, in essence, “we follow Christ.”  Making the point that Christ is the Head.  He is the One we are all to follow.  So yes, I get tired and quickly upset when I see ministries putting spin on the Gospel…when I see people projecting their name, their ministry, their commentary in greater and greater quantities over the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  You should be alarmed too.  For we serve One Lord and we have One Spirit — together.  This is the mandate for the Church as the Body of Christ.

   Friend, don’t get caught up in much of the conversation and debate of this person or that person; of this ministry or that ministry.  Those who seek the Lord and follow Him in truth and in spirit will shine forth and it will bear witness.  Test doctrine and teaching against the Scriptures to see if it is sound.  Pray and earnestly seek the face and presence of God.  Allow no one to drown out your knowledge of God’s Church, which, by the way, is still God’s choice to share His message and distribute His love and hope to the world.  Be encouraged and stand strong in the faith.  WOW!  There sure are a lot of commands in the N.T. to do that (look at the Pauline Letters, for instance).  Praise God!  Exhort Him!  Give Him glory!

   Let’s stay connected and realize that we do have a part to play, with God’s help and leadership, in the warfare for souls.  Be blessed and know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, He is with us!


   Pastor Porter