Isn’t it amazing, and precious, that our Lord and Savior, the God of the Universe and everything known and unknown, calls us friend?  He doesn’t need me to be His friend.  He doesn’t need anything.  Yet, in His great and majestic plan, set from the foundation of the world — He desired to call me friend.

   There are surely other names that He gives us and calls us to:  son, daughter, disciple, ambassador, etc.  We could reference potentially dozens of names, titles, and graces that flow from His love.  For those in Him and with Him, they are never taken for granted but are, and remain, a true privilege of His love, gift, and reach.  I find myself reflecting, as of late, on the 12 that our Lord selected to be His disciples (followers) while He embarked on His earthly ministry.  The 12 can be defined in a very wide variety of ways, and while they did share a heritage, a culture, and a region — they were vastly different in personality.  It took the 12 some time to see and learn that they were not chosen because they were of value to Him.  Even now, no one is chosen for that reason.  But if we allow Him to take us “to the end of our own self-sufficiency” (as Chambers states), then, He can and will choose us to go with Him and to be His friend

It never a matter of what we have — but a matter of our dependence on Him and in Him.  It’s never a matter of what we bring to the table — but of what God breathes into and places in us.  It’s not a matter of natural virtues, strength, fortitude, or workmanship — all of that seems to be of no concern here.  The single thing of value is being taken “into the compelling purpose of God and being made His friends” (see 1st Cor.1:26-31).  God’s friendship is with people who know Who He is and in light of that, know who they are.  You see, we are not here for our own purpose at all — we are here for the purpose of God.  It is being rightly related to Him that His purpose is revealed, received, and lived out.

I am blessed to be a friend of God, and I can tell you this much, He is my BFF (best friend forever, in fb terms :->

In His love and joy,

Pastor Porter




Author: pastorpg

A follower of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene.

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