Renewal is about Transformation

Here we are right in the middle of our 2011 Renewal Week.  Once again, we have been on the blessed receiving end of God’s Message, given to Brother James Spruill, delivered to us with a targeted intent through God’s Will.  It has been anointed and the presence of the Holy Spirit has been undeniable.  So here is a reasonable question to ask:  Why is spiritual renewal so crucial in our faith journey?

What a great question!  There are certainly many factors that could be explored, but beyond all else, there is this:  God knows that even as we belong to Him and profess a saving faith in His Son and are led along by the Holy Spirit, that we still live in the world.  And with this, God knows that our journey (individually and corporately) needs continual transformation and renewal.  It is nothing we can generate, manufacture, give to ourselves, or find in a store.  It only comes through the infilling of the Spirit of God, Who leads us into all truth and all power.  Today, I find myself especially grateful for God’s promise to draw me closer to Himself, because that’s exactly where I want to be!

Paul was writing to the church body in Rome as the Letter of Romans would have been read aloud to the entire body when they were gathered.  Can you imagine that?  How excited and electrified those believers would have been to have received a letter from the Apostle Paul?  You reckon they had a potluck for the ages? :0)  Anyway, in chapter 12, the Apostle writes:  “Brothers and sisters, in view of all we have just shared about God’s compassion, I encourage you to offer your bodies as living sacrifices , dedicated to God and pleasing to Him.  This kind of worship is appropriate for you.  Don’t become like the pattern of the world.  Instead, be transformed by the renewing of your mind…” (vv.1- 2b, GWT).  As we are renewed, as we grow, and as we mature, it is then that we come to know God’s holy and perfect will (read the balance of v.2).  You see, it is God’s desire that we not just know His will, but be and further become His will.

I am grateful for renewal!  I praise God for His love, grace, and presence that comes through His Spirit and touches and transforms us in this life.  Thank You, Lord!

Pastor Porter

Author: pastorpg

A follower of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene.

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