“Diversity makes the Body of Christ stronger and unique. Our diversity is a beautiful sound to our Lord. When we come together, as different as we are, we should celebrate how miraculous it is that a group of people, united in Christ, can lay aside personal preferences and worship Him.” – Dr. D. James Kennedy

Diversity is a beautiful element of the Church, and it is surely by God’s design. Just look around you — look at the diversity of people in your family, in your workplace, in your friendships, in your community, and in the church.  No matter “how” like minded we think we may be with someone, there is rich diversity.

Too many people use diversity as division. It is used to separate and categorize people. It is true in the world and in some instances it has made its way through the doors of the church. Yet, when I read through Acts and what unfolded in the early days of His Church, I see a diverse bunch of people united in Christ for the common goal of “going,” “testifying,” “serving,” and “making disciples.”  There was diversity in the Jewish and Gentile converts. There was diversity in the people themselves. There was diversity in the gifts distributed by the Holy Spirit. But one thing remained constant and unchanged: Jesus Christ was at the center of everything.

Look at the landscape today. Look how diverse the body of Christ is in the 21st Century. Sure, there is heritage, mission, and doctrine. Those are elements that are essential to us. But what is most essential to God is the oneness we have, and share, in His Son. Yes, even amidst our diversity. There is nothing that says that we have to agree on every issue, every time. In fact, there will be much variance in feeling and input on method. I believe this has always been the case. But the Message remains the same and cannot be watered down or repackaged. Messing with the Message is a definite “no-no” because it is tampering and twisting the truth. If there is one thing authentic diversity in His body does not welcome it is altering the Message. Jesus stated, “My Word is Truth.”

Let’s take our diverse selves out and wave the light to a darkened world.

Pastor Porter

Author: pastorpg

A follower of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene.

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