From, one of the key definitions of  impact is: “a significant or strong influence; an effect.”

As believers and receivers in Christ, we are to have impact for Him, for His Kingdom, for His Church.  I can’t imagine anyone reading, gleaning, studying, and examining His Word with the presence and authority of the Holy Spirit, and coming to a different conclusion.  So the question isn’t whether we should or not; instead, it is how do we have impact?

You see, like many others, I grow a little tired and weary of the excuses people give and blame for not having impact.  Yes, I’m specifically refering to the impact (or lack thereof) of Christians here.  The culture, work schedules, and “other” commitments aren’t to blame.  Even casting blame on others doesn’t hold up.  What is to blame is the choices we make in life.  What is to blame is the motive of the heart.  What is to blame is the very priority and urgency we give to God, His Word, and the truth that is contained therein.

Is it really possible, really, to have Jesus Christ as Lord of your life and have no impact?  I believe, unfortunately, that many have adopted a very self-derived, false indoctrinated system that claims it is o.k. to have a “salvation” ticket while allowing the impact factor to be variable and/or optional.  I want you to know that we reject that doctrine and teaching.  We believe a God-ordered, Jesus-centered, Spirit-led position is to “g0.”  It is missional.  The “going” will look different throughout the body of Christ, as we all receive different callings and giftings according to His holy distribution.  Nevertheless, we are to “go!”  As much as I enjoy reading, studying, sharing, and expounding on the Word in private and with others, I must come back to a central question:  How much of that does one need before they realize God’s desire is that we would impact His others?  Remember, it’s not that we close up or put aside the Word when we go; rather, we take the Word with us as we willingly become His hands and feet.

Pray this with me…Father God, it is my desire to have an impact for you!  Teach me, lead me, get a hold of me so that I will understand.  Open my heart and mind so that I would see the need to go and to be Your ambassador in every aspect of life.  Let me be a vehicle of Your love, mercy, and grace.  It’s not for me Lord, it’s all for You!  In Jesus’ Name.  Amen.