Love Never Fails

The Lord has given us a Message Series on “Love,” which we embarked on this past Sunday.  With His guidance and direction, we dive deeper this week as we journey into 1 Cor. 13, vv.4-8.

Paul is a straight-shooter on this incredibly important subject, writing to a people who were in desperate need of receiving and showing godly, holy love.  The Corinthians had all the gifts, but they lacked the one thing that was most important: love.  Paul makes the point that regardless of everything they may have been doing as far as giftings, works, and service, it was all like a resounding “cymbal” and “didn’t matter” if and when it was done apart and outside of agape.

Love is essential.  There is no substitute for love.  Not the mushy, Hallmark, emotionally overdone love that we often see, feel, and hear in the world.  But a love that is God-ordained and Spirit-empowered, anchored in the Person and Gift of Jesus Christ.  Through 1 Cor. 13, vv.4-7, there are 15 portraits of love painted by Paul.  In the space of 4 verses, Paul utilizes 15 verbs with love as the subject.  I believe it is imperative to Paul that we, the Church, understand and embrace this love that he is describing.

Let’s pray that we will not only “get” it but share it, distribute it, and most importantly, live it (as the power of the Holy Spirit works it out in us).  Jesus made it clear:  “The world will know you are My disciples by your love for one another.”  That will testify!

Pastor Porter

Author: pastorpg

A follower of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene.

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