Highs and Lows, Mountains and Valleys

The t-shirt said: “Life is Complicated.”  I remember seeing that yesterday when I was trying to head to Beaufort and was hindered by a flat tire, which diverted me into a service center for nearly an hour.  A minor setback that couldn’t be avoided or ignored.  And while exceptionally inconvenient, it was certainly not “life” impacting.

Rewind to 2 hours before this ordeal.  I received a call that will be impacting.  It was news that was heartbreaking and will have far-reaching implications for sure.  Rewind to Thursday (just 24 hours before), a miracle occurred: one of those things that can only be God-led and God-delivered.  A pattern?  A season?  Life?  To me, it is part of life and it is a part of our journey.  God is teaching us new things each day, and to do so, He uses all the experiences of life.  Remember now, it is part of “being made in the image of His Son” – and this is what God is most interested in and concerned about.

I believe the Wisdom Books of the Old Testament are embedded in God’s eternal Word to help cultivate and mature us on, and in, this journey.  One of the most familiar passages is found in Ecclesiastes:  “For there is a time and season for everything…”  Oh yes, there is!  The good, the bad, the pretty, the ugly, the joyful, and the heart-wrenching.  Often, tears of joy are followed by tears of sorrow, and that can happen rapidly.  Some times, much more rapidly than what we would prefer.

For me personally, the past 72-96 hours has been a full swing, back and forth, of the mountain and the valley.  Yet, it is not one to the other and stopping — this one is a back and forth.  As I am reminded of the one it’s on the mountain – then, something triggers the other and it’s the valley.  You too are somewhere today.  And although we will all go through this in life, I find myself re-establishing the fact that being in the center of God’s will is most crucial.  I find myself realizing that praising God, for both, and for everything in between, is essential.  For it was Job who said, “The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away, blessed is the Name of the Lord!” 

In all things, in all days, and in all ways, may His Name be magnified, through me!

Humbled to be a vessel…

Pastor Porter


Author: pastorpg

A follower of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene.

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