Making course corrections are a part of life.  Whether you are driving toward a new destination, trying to be rid of some bad “habits,” or seeking to improve your own efficiency or effectiveness  – adjusting things will generally have to be included to reach the desired goal.  Things don’t remain the same.  Not in family life, not in business, not in culture.  In other words, life is dynamic and ever changing.  I am not going to make a philosophical issue of it in this Blog.

To some measure we all typically resist change, especially when there may be uncertainty around it.  But I submit that has to do more with our preferences and preconceived notions and less to do with our own recognition that change is inevitable; a fact of life.  What if we had refused change during the Industrial Revolution?   That would be something wouldn’t it?  Or what if we insisted on riding horses and bikes instead of embracing the invention of the automobile?  How long would it take to get to Raleigh then?

Think of the Church and our Mission.  Jesus said “go into all the world and make disciples of all nations…”  Think of what has changed since He stated those words of timeless truth.  There is no Roman Government with an Emperor today.  The Sanhedrin no longer exists.  We don’t write on scrolls any longer.  A trip then that would require 5 or 6 days is now reduced to mere hours.  Here’s what remains constant:  We are to take Him, Jesus, into all the world.  So let’s say it in this condensed statement:  The methods change but the message stays the same (always).

I am grateful for a church family and body (Bridgeway) that is open to seek the Lord’s will and direction.  I am humbled that we have people who are just hungry to see a movement of God and are willing to modify things as opposed to simply following tradition.  Not that there is anything wrong with tradition – it just cannot become an idol or a pillar.  No change should be done for change’s sake.  That is missing the mark altogether.  But change in order to reposition and realign yourself with your Mission – now that is what I believe the Lord wants us to do.

Some of the models and systems that worked 10, 20, and 50 years ago had their time.  They had an effect and an impact.  Some continue to work, some are holding on, and some have simply crashed, collapsed, or died.  Tonight and next Wednesday (1/18) we are praying over, fasting, tabling, and discussing what we believe to be positive, long-term modifications and improvements to our Worship on Sunday mornings and in our Christian Education Program & Life Group Ministry.  The priority is on Kid’s, Teens, and College/Young Adult Ministries (i.e. “future generations”); it is on Connections and doing life together; and it is on going and becoming fishers of men/women/children.

Between the time you read this and Wednesday 1/18 @ 6:30 pm, I would like to ask you to join us in praying, fasting, and seeking.  We do need and request all the prayer we can have on this important restructuring.  Pray for wisdom for all of us.  Ask for God’s favor on our church.  May our decisions be in line with His will at such a time as this — that we would be all that He is calling us to be, today, in the here and now, and for those who will learn of the Lord Jesus Christ through us and through His Church at Bridgeway.

Thank you friends.  Thank you for committing to this.  May we, in expectancy and with great faith, trust in the Lord and rejoice in Him alone!

Your friend and brother,


Author: pastorpg

A follower of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene.

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