Time is an amazing concept, isn’t it?  Try looking up the definition online and see the incredible number of responses you receive.  Wikipedia gets into all the various physics, mechanics, and measurements along with the philosophical and social dimensions of time.  It even mentions Ecclesiastes 3:1-8.  It talks about the past, present, and future – and what viewpoints cultures and people have adopted down through the ages.

I remember as a young boy hearing those advertisements every once in a while on TV.  You know, the one would say: “Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.”  I won’t say what show it was, but the title is in that quote.  And honestly don’t even know if that show has survived ‘the test of time’ – so to speak.  What is more important and interesting, to me, is what people decide and choose to do with their time.  Of course, that seems to be a loaded question in and of itself, because when we really get down to it, nobody is really in control of time.  Sure, we make decisions that will inflluence, take up, and swallow what time we have – but we aren’t in control of it.  That simply means, we have no idea how much time is left or how much time we have left.  Likewise, we weren’t given a choice as to what period of time we arrived here, or how many year we want to stay, or how and when we exit.  To the same extent, most Americans struggle with Time Management and are poor in structuring time.

When you start to talk about eternity, minds can draw a blank.  How can I possibly think or ponder or consider those things, I can hardly think about tomorrow? – is the state many are in.  Yet, as Christ followers, are we not to duly pray that our time is effective, and purposeful, and God honoring?  Shouldn’t we trust God with our time, and the time we have left, and allow His direction and guidance to be our true measure?  It is clear that as we journey with God through this life, He is to become more as we become less.  It is His Spirit that not only counsels us, corrects us, and comforts us – but He also becomes our compass.  So to really break it down and place it under a microscope:  Time, and whatever time we have, belongs to God.  We live, breathe, work, minister, and play, all in His time.

As we examine, study, glean, and seek God’s wisdom through His holy Word, we learn that we are accountable for the time we have.  One day, on that day, we will stand before God.  The ridiculous excuses, the loathing and mismanagement, and the horrific waste of time will be known by Him before we even arrive there.  I believe this is where the words of Jesus speak so loudly:  “Choose this day who you will serve.”  In other words, choose and do; act on the choice.  Why?  Because time is short and we must use it wisely for shining His light and being His hands and feet in a world that desperately needs Him.  Are we merely waiting for Heaven?  Sure, Heaven is an incredible promise of eternal implications that brings us much joy, peace, and celebration here.  But we cannot and should not lock ourselves up and just go through motions, waiting for Heaven.  To do so is against His desire, and I believe, a mismanagement of His time.

I can’t help but think of the amount of people, around the world, who woke up this morning expecting a day of appointments, work, leisure, and other necessary and fun activities who will not live beyond today.  I saw on the news last night where a terrible vehicle accident and pile up in Florida took the lives of 10 people.  No one expected that or planned for it.  How about in our own lives?  Who knows what today will hold for any of us?  Only God knows!  The key point here is this:  God knowing and being in control should be sufficient.  He really does have our best interests at heart, no matter what it may look like on the surface.  He is working all things together, for good.

None of this means that we shouldn’t care about our health, about our responsibilities, or about our part in Time Management.  Quite to the contrary, we must be (and further become) good stewards.  Yes, good stewards of God’s time – but also, of God’s resources.  Let me tell you, more than anything else today there is a heart issue that needs to be dealt with in our nation and world.  The byproduct of this is the money and economic problem, but at the core – it is a heart issue.  Let us pray and ask God for hearts and lives that are rightly centered on and in Him, so that we might live each moment, of each hour, of each day that we have left, for His glory.  That is my prayer for us all.

In His joy, hope, and love,


Author: pastorpg

A follower of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene.

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