I like this definition from Wikipedia:  “the action of engaging an opposing team with the objective of scoring.”

Hold onto that for just a moment.

During my athletic days, I have to confess that I always liked playing offense more than defense.  This would include both football and basketball.  I know it takes all types to make a team, and I certainly realize that without a strong offensive and defensive unit, it was hard to win.  In short, the team was better when the offense could score and the defense could hold.  Common sense tells you that having the benefit of both would give you a favorable position.

But I still preferred offense.  And in a transparent way – I was a better offensive player.  In football, I do not believe I played defense after Pee Wee, and in basketball, I was always more of an offensive threat.  Not always for the right reasons, but that is just how it was “back in the day.”

Fast-forward a decade or two.  I am now part of a team that is universal, local, unified, and equipped with an eternal message that will never be extinguished.  All who believe and who have confessed are on this team as well.  It is not merely historical, it is present.  It is not only theory, it is reality.  We are on Team Jesus.  And for all who are authentic and sincere, we are The Church.  One team.  One head.  One vision.  One mission.  No individual players.  No parts of the team are greater or more valuable.  We each have a responsibility and a charge:  “to go…”

In talking with several people over several weeks, I have come to the conclusion with the insight of the Holy Spirit that we, as His team, need to adopt some offensive strategies.  We need to be more offensive minded.  We need to take the “action of engaging the opposing team with the objective of scoring.”  There is but one team we are in battle against: the enemy of our Lord.  And in the battle against his team, there is but one score, and it is determined by souls.  The opposition has no doubt been offensive, in more ways than I care to count or list.  They have not stopped short of devising new schemes, new excuses, and new methods.  It is time that we not only plan and develop strategy for our part in the action of engaging, but I believe we must adopt the philosophy of running up the score on the opposition.  Let’s blow them out!  We can!  Our message is timeless and our Team Leader  is “able to do all things.”  So the question is not, “Can He, and can we?” – the question is, “Will we decide to be a part of it?”

So how do we do this?  How will it be accomplished?

We seek first His Kingdom…we go into all places where God leads us and directs us…we seek and receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit…we pray constantly…we engage His Word of truth daily…we obey and trust Him in all things…we get intentional in our relationships…we participate in what God is doing and stop spectating…we overcome pettiness.  Yes, these are some of the ways that we get more offensive – note the word, some.

Great days are ahead.  More on this to come very soon.  Please be in prayer for the ministry opportunities that abound.  Let us seize them.

Press on in love and in the joy of knowing that we win because He has won!

You are loved,


Author: pastorpg

A follower of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene.

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