Does That Exist?

Day 3 of the Generosity Journey (Started on June 9, 2012 with “First Things First”)

A question:  “Does true financial freedom exist?”  After all, there are mortgages, rent payments, cars, utilities, medical expenses, taxes, fees, maintenance costs, daycare, groceries, gas, and yes, even more taxes.  Above and beyond these things, there is tithing and giving to the Lord so that His Kingdom is furthered.

Paul writes in Romans 15, v.4, this word to the Church, which also has truth for us:  “Everything written in the past was written to teach us.”

If we asked the average person what true financial freedom looks like, more often than not they would give you a number.  This number would probably be how much money they believe they would need in liquidated form to pay off all debt and have a reserve built up in the bank.  It is certainly a number that would cause them to “feel financially free.”

Do you know what TRUE financial freedom looks like?  Here is the answer:  TRUE Financial Freedom = your willingness to learn, apply, and build your life on sound biblical financial teaching and to trust God to guide you and provide for you all the days of your life.  Anyone can have this type of financial freedom, and peace, regardless of whether they have -0- dollars or millions.

Larry Burkett, a very familiar name in Christian-based financial education and writing, who later became the Director of Crown Financial Ministries and remained as such until his passing in 2003, stated:  “To experience true financial freedom, intentionally pray, search out, read, study, and apply God’s Word on finances and generosity in your life.  That is the greatest advice I can give.  You must learn to generously live open-handed in a tight-fisted world.”  Easy or simple to do?  No.  Required and possible with God?  Yes.

In Scripture, God has given us more than 2,000 verses on finances, generosity, wealth, and material possessions.  He has provided this incredible amount of instruction to teach us how to feel, think, act, and decide.  As we grow in His grace and see just how He Himself has been generous to us, any fears or holding back we may have hidden within us can be replaced with extreme faith in God.  After all, He is our true Provider.

The journey to financial freedom begins with a faith step, then two, and then three – and so forth.  But to dive into the journey, you will have to get out of the boat you are in.  Ask Peter.

Pray this with me, right where you are:  Gracious Father, help me to learn your Word and what it teaches about finances, generosity, and Your provision.  Help me to trust you, even in weeks when it seems there is no surplus.  Fill my heart with Your promises and Lord, enrich my faith so I might trust You even more.  May each dollar I spend and each choice I make on where t0 spend the money You have provided be one of prayer and the Holy Spirit’s direction.  In Jesus’ Name.  Amen!


Author: pastorpg

A follower of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene.

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