Anything and Everything Else

Tired of a day and time when anything and everything else seems to get more attention, more priority, and more urgency then God does?  I mean, we have time for work, for TV, for kid’s dance recitals and sports practices, for vacations and shopping – but when it comes to actively getting involved in a faith decision and taking God seriously, and knowing Him, we reason:  It will have to wait.  I am to busy with anything and everything else, right now.  Maybe later.

Over and over throughout the Word, we learn what befalls people and nations when eyes and hearts are taken off of God.  For a few decades now in our nation, faith has seemingly fallen into the genre of “optional,” “as needed,” and “only when necessary.”  The culture seemingly has no tolerance for community, relationship, and involvement with a group of Christian believers.  After all, it’s a new day and season and as time passes on, we need freshness to engage us and keep our attention.  Bigger.  Better.  More.  Much more.

The Book of Acts actively and dynamically paints a much different picture.  It shows a movement that could not, would not, and will not be contained.  It shows life in a way that nothing else can.  It is a record about a relatively small group of Sold-Out believers who partnered with God, trusted Him, and were involved in giving away Jesus and their faith.  But instead of diverging here into the vast array of evidence we have, I encourage you to join us on Sunday @ Bridgeway, 10 AM.  If you follow this Blog from outside the local area, and don’t have a church community and family who you are doing “life” with, the best advice I can give you is this:  Find one, and don’t delay any longer.

Remember:  The deepest, most important questions of life and death will never be answered by government, money, lifestyle, or the American dream.  Only God can satisfy and bring a contentment and hopefulness that the world can’t rip apart, minimize, steal, or eradicate.

Be blessed!


Author: pastorpg

A follower of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene.

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