Great Expectations

We are approaching the 2nd Week of Advent.  Christmas Season is here, and Christmas Day is nearing – we are reminded daily that it is upon us, approaching rapidly, and around the corner.  In fact, it is less than 3 weeks away.

Just today, while at Jarrett Bay Boatworks for our weekly time together and devotional, I started to ponder over many things surrounding the Advent and Birth of Jesus Christ on that first Christmas morning.  What an amazing and powerful account.  The Gospels explain the humility and meekness that settled in over (and in) the Bethlehem nativity scene .  No lights.  No camera.  No newspaper.  No facebook.  No satellite coverage.  No internet.  No earthly powers, government representatives, or politicians.  Rather, a cold winter’s night in a cave with a horse feeder serving as a manger.  This is how the King of Kings and Lord of Lords enters His creation, personally.  Note:  When He came, He made sure He was accessible to all!  I love that.

In discerning the message that God was laying on my heart for our devotional, I was led to imagine the great expectations that no doubt surrounded His coming.  There was prophecy concerning Jesus Christ, the Messiah, in the Old Testament.  Some 300+ prophecies recorded and found in Scripture centuries before He came.  But the expectations I found myself saturating on were those that people placed on Him after He embarked in public ministry (30 years after His birth).  Expectations that He would do this.  Expectations that He would do that.  Expectations that He would reward seats beside Himself in Heaven.  Expectations that He would come sooner than He did to Lazarus’ side.  Expectations that He would deliver God’s people from Roman oppression.  Expecations that He would not eat with sinners and tax collectors.  Expectations that He would not go through the crucifixion.  Expectations and more expectations.  Expectations galore!

Yet, His grace was and is, sufficient.  His first priority was following God’s will and glorifying His Father – He came for this purpose and to usher in His Kingdom.  Not to meet all of man’s expectations, no matter what it cost Him.  And as a result of His “being about His Father’s business,” many rejected Him, criticized Him, gave up on Him, followed initially and then fell away, and ridiculed Him from the shadows.  In all of it, Jesus was obedient to His Father and He is our example and standard.  He prayed.  He sought.  He loved.  He challenged.

May we draw close to Him in this precious, holy season.  May we truly seek the Father’s heart and concern ourselves with decreasing, that He would increase.  That is my prayer.  More to come in this Advent Season.  Let’s commit to journeying through it, together.

Joy to all, and to all, a good night :)