Faith Matters

In Hebrews 11, we are told plainly that “faith matters.”  Example after example, illustration after illustration – faith has played a major role in many accounts that the Word of God records.  Here is the opening verse:  Faith assures of things we expect and convinces us of the existence of things we cannot see” (v.1).

The amazing aspect about faith is this:  Everybody has faith in someone or in something:  money, position, a significant other, a friend, a career, a sports team, tomorrow, the stars, education, religion, Jesus Christ, etc. etc. etc.  So the question is never, “Does _____ (person) have faith?”   Rather, it should be, “What does _____ (person) put their faith in?”  Even atheists and agnostics have faith.  In fact, it takes a lot of faith to believe in “nothing” or in pure random chance.

When you have to get up at 3 a.m. and there is no light – everything is pitch dark – you know your way around don’t you.  For simplicity sake, let’s say you are in your own home and not staying at a hotel.  Even then – you have probably familiarized yourself with your surroundings; so the territory is very “familiar.”  No one rearranged the furniture in the middle of the night – no one totally reworked the design of your home configuration while you were sleeping.  You are familiar with it; things are consistent.

This is what it’s like when we have faith, unwavering faith in God.  Faith allows you to be certain that even though you can’t see God with your eyes, you can be confident of His presence and person in your heart, mind, and life.  Faith carries us through challenges, life and death situations, major life transitions, and through aging.  Faith helps us to rejoice and give thanks to God for the victories, for the answers to prayer, and for the hope that we have beyond this world.  Faith helps us to accept, and receive, what seems to good to be true:  that God is for us, that He desires to include us in His work (here), and that He has an eternity planned that we can’t even fathom.

Be sure to thank God today for the incredible hope He has given you.  It is available for all!  Also, this Sunday, February 3, 2013 – we begin a journey to explore faith and belief and we will dig deeper into why it is so crucial.  Join us @ 10:00 a.m. as we venture together, in faith.  We would love to have you!

In faith,


Our Job

It’s no great secret that I just happen to put Oswald Chambers on my top “fave’s” list.  Not just theologically,  but personally.  His dependence and reference to Scripture coupled with his uncanny ability to extract its meaning, purpose, and context and insert it into our everyday journey – is amazing.  All the while, Chambers redirects everything back to God and forces us to recognize that the real Teacher, the authentic Leader, the only Director – is the Holy Spirit.  It is for this reason that I feel convinced that his “works” are gems.  Certainly not to be elevated to that of Scripture, but among the best a disciple of Jesus Christ, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, in a supportive resource to God’s Word, has ever given.  A treasure to be sure.

In today’s devotional, “My Utmost for His Highest,” for January 10, there is one line that I wish to include here.  It seemed to stand out as I read it the first time, the second time, and the third time.  It’s one of those that we, as Christ-followers, can overlook, skip through, or ignore.  Yet, it is a statement that we must intentionally “keep out front” – as the saying goes.  Here it is, and it concerns being a disciple:  “Our job as workers for God is to open people’s eyes so that they may turn themselves from darkness to light.”

He is the Savior.  He saves.  He sanctifies.  Our role in it all is to help people realize that conversion is possible, that conversion is necessary.  Our job is to be eye openers.  As such, we are in essence “light illuminators” that shine in the darkness – to show others the wonderful light that God has shed abroad, even into our very hearts and lives, giving all glory and honor to Him Who is worthy.  With this, let’s be His light today.  Let’s purposefully and whole heartedly decide to be His light, especially in the darkest situations and life circumstances.  Perhaps there is that darkness hovering over something today in your life?  Maybe you know family and friends who are in the middle of something?  The fact is, there is much darkness – one does not have to look far.  With this, let us take Acts 26, vv.17-18 with us into all of today’s appointments, gatherings, meetings, and conversations:  “I now send you, to open their eyes . . . that they may receive forgiveness of sins . . .”  Let this be an encouragement to you, and may we be disciplined to truly be His light distributors.

Blessings and joy to you!