We Believe

TruthIn just about 48 hours, we embark on a journey that seems to be quite important in these days.  It is apparent that this is why God has placed us on this path, for such a time as this.  We will dive into Our Beliefs as a local church family who is part of a worldwide, God-ordained, Christ-led, Spirit-filled Mission.  It matters.

There is a video that has been recently released that demonstrates how people today are “searching and seeking” for answers and for truth.  Statistics reveal that people from all walks of life and in every culture, socio-economic group, and nationality actually believe in something (or in someone).  There is no shortage of “religions” or “faiths” out there, and in these days, people are coming to terms with the fact that there is, and has to be, more to life than what is seen, felt, and experienced here.  Purpose.  Meaning.  Hope. – are but some of the most important subjects people are really contending with.

Some 2,000 years ago, Pilate stood in a place where he could literally look Truth in the face.  Eye to eye.  And his question, as he looked on Jesus, was this:  “What is truth?”  But you know what?  Over and over again in our own lives, we have asked that question – we have wondered.  Perhaps we have even believed and received the Truth, the Logos, and have then swayed, fallen away, or allowed the effect of the Truth to be limited and side-lined in our own lives.  Truth be told – we have been there, we have done that.  But hope is alive:  God can, and will, overcome this and forgive us of it – if we will let Him.  [Why don’t you take a moment right now, and just ask Him to forgive you for those times?  Let’s pause for a moment – I am going to do the same – and let’s just ask for God to forgive and remove those times from us.  PRAY.]

We believe many Truths about God, about His nature, about His characteristics and traits.  His Truth is not limited by our unbelief, doubt, hesitation, procrastination, or season of life.  Now, we do well to just get over all that, and with His empowerment, we can.  His Truth remains constant and consistent, always.  This Sunday (2-10-13), we journey to learn more about His Truth and why it is essential that We Believe.  But not only Believe – Receive His Truth.  You see, all the knowledge and reason in the world won’t matter unless we permit God to work it out in us, and through us, and by us.  His Truth, His presence – within us – formed, fashioned, and worked out with his anointing.  Join us this Sunday @ 10:00 a.m. and don’t miss this incredible season that God is leading and directing us into.  Hope to see you for worship!

He is Truth and He is Love,


Author: pastorpg

A follower of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene.

One thought on “We Believe”

  1. This has been the second time this week I have been held accountable for my role as a Christ-like servant. My first thing I have found was that looking, studying the Word, finishing a lesson plan and searching for what seemed to be the closeness to God in my heart is so much more different than spending time with Him. It is not wrong to study and learn for any class I may take but it was not bringing me the joy I first had after my salvation. I was missing the point all together. I have had time when there was a need and panic or fear came in that I would cry out to God, but that also was not the closeness I have been missing and not able to share. So looking back and reading this it did not take long to remember how it was when I first believed. Every morning before my day would start I would take time to take and listen to what God was trying to tell me about how much He loved me. To sit quite and just asked Him to meet me right here were I was and make the plan to make the day together. He gave me what I needed for the day all I had to do was believe. I am looking forward to this Sunday and everyday thereafter to changing the things that have held me back from God working through me. Thanks Pastor Porter another chance to be held accountable.

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