Whatever It Takes

This year’s Team Meetings here at Ridgecrest have been deep, timely, and God-ordered.  Clearly the Holy Spirit is here with us – from the messages to the testimony; from the music to the fellowship.

Dr. Jesse Middendorf, our G.S. who is retiring in 2 short months, has left nothing on the table.  It is evident that the Lord has used him in a mighty way, here, to reach His people and His Church now.  On Thursday evening he challenged us all on the attributes and manifestations of Christian unity, humility, and surrender.  A powerful response followed at the altar ~ with dozens of people coming forward under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  Today, with Dr. Barnes’ message on “love always wins” coupled by Dr. Middendorf’s testimony of what is happening in the Church in many world areas was extremely encouraging.  And yet, there is so much more!

Through the past 24 hours, what has settled on me here has been this statement:  “Whatever It Takes.”

And the question is this:  Are we willing, and available, to do whatever it’s going to take to share, lift up, and proclaim Jesus to our families, friends, neighbors, and communities?  Not just talk it ~ but truly model and live Jesus in front of others.  Are we able and willing to do that?

Much more of this is to come because we must work out what God has worked in.  To witness real life transformation and see a movement of God that can only be instrumented by the Holy Spirit ~ we must individually and collectively be seekers and imitators of God.  The truth is:  It is possible and He has made provision for it.  May we believe that and receive it in hope, in joy, and in true gratitude.  There are open doors of opportunity all around, in fact, there are more than we can even imagine.  Lord help us so that we would further become more fully devoted, seriously committed followers where You have planted us – that You would increase our faith and reach!  Help us to be willing and available, unified and determined – to levels we have not yet experienced. 

Joy and peace…



Author: pastorpg

A follower of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene.

2 thoughts on “Whatever It Takes”

  1. Great blog! So glad you have been able to be there for the assembly.. See you Sunday

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