The Heart Speaks

If you are like me, you can’t always recall every message, every piece of teaching, every article you’ve read, and every other tidbit of information you come across.  Now, let me clarify:  You may remember parts, segments, and seeds that were planted ~ but remembering when it happened, where you were, and who gave it (especially over many years) can be difficult if not impossible.  What is most important is how the Lord utilizes it and brings it back to memory in accordance to His plan and purpose.  Simply incredible how He orchestrates it together and then delivers and redelivers it to us at the precise moment it is needed.  Only God can do this!

Anyway, many years ago now there was a message I recall that focused on the passage from Matthew 15, vv.18-19.  Before I cite it here, let me offer this: Jesus is teaching and around Him, as was the case in many instances, was representation from the “religious establishment.  In fact, some of the disciples were a little concerned that Jesus actually offended them in what He was teaching and preaching (see vv.12-13).  With that as the backdrop, consider what Jesus states and what Matthew writes:  “But the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart” (v.18).

It serves as a good reminder that if we aren’t edifying and building up His Church, His people, His love and grace to the world and in the world ~ that there isn’t a speech or communication problem ~ there is a problem with the condition of the heart.  Ever wonder why some are becoming bitter and not better?  A matter of the heart.  Have you pondered why some have commitment issues?  A diagnosis of the heart would show you what’s up.  You see, Jesus nails it right here.  There is no need for guessing, for creating theories, or dismissing it ~ Jesus gets right to the heart and makes it clear:  “…the things that proceed (or comes forth) from the mouth – come from the heart…”  Bitterness, division, strife, doubt, fear, uncertainty, and slander all come from a heart that is not right with God.  A heart after God’s own will resemble His ~ it will take on His attributes, His precepts, His will, and His desire.  Not one of self-service, rather, one that is self-giving and passionately aware of God’s love, mercy, and grace all the time.

In short, as we “put on Christ” as Paul states and writes ~ the “old” heart, the “old” man or woman, the “old” ways die.  It is the supernatural imputation, impartation, and infusion of “Christ in us, the hope of glory.”  We can learn much in where a person is, or isn’t, by the words they speak and communicate.  After all, “…the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart.”  Not my words ~ but His revelation of wisdom and truth.  Ones we can be assured of!

May the words we speak and the actions we engage in continually demonstrate where our heart is.  And may our hearts only be found in the God-ordered, Jesus-led, Spirit-driven life!

In Him…


Author: pastorpg

A follower of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene.

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