God With Us

Advent Season is here.  I suppose we could start by defining it, by looking at it historically, by putting it under a proverbial microscope and capturing its significance in the Word of God.  And while none of those would be wrong or bad ~ I believe God prefers that Advent does something inside of us, internally, first and foremost.  After all, what difference does it make if we understand it and have knowledge of it if it never imparts transformation within us?  I am confident that God’s desire is that Advent helps us refocus our eyes, our hearts, our lives, on Him.

The distractions can be many and they can be detrimental.  Shopping. Cooking. Christmas Parties. Parades. Traveling. Bargains and Door-busters. Family Feasts and Good Eats. Again, while not bad in or of themselves, they can suck down much in the way of time, energy, and focus.  If we aren’t careful and purposeful ~ anything can pull our gaze and attention off of Almighty God, the gift of His Son, and the working of the Holy Spirit.  During Advent, let us be keenly aware of this and give all we can to keeping Christ as the centerpiece of the season ~ and with that, the whole new year long.

Advent captures His “coming.”  He has come, He is here, and He will return ~ that we can be sure!  So the question(s) then becomes:  Are we continuously ready for His coming?  Are we welcoming of Him, always?  Is our heart and life ready to receive Him in the splendor of His glory?  And if we say a resounding, “Yes!” – then the question(s) are:  How does He find us, right now?  In other words, What is He finding as He looks on us, present tense, in the here and now?  

That is really the critical implication.  Let’s pray:  Father, during this precious Advent Season, help me to be reminded of what is most important in life, in faith, in everyday living.  In those areas where I need to re-prioritize and realign, direct me so that my life lines up with Your will and desire. May Your love flow through me not just during Christmas, but each day You give to me. Help me not to worry, but to worship. Guide me not to self indulgence, but to selfless service.  All for You and in Jesus’ Name. Amen!

Author: pastorpg

A follower of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene.

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