Last week, during a rather long “at-home” spell we have had with Eli over 3 weeks now, we were working with him on some of his take home work.  Wow!  I forgot how much it piles up when he is having to miss a lot of time due to illnesses, sicknesses, and cold season.  It can be a rather damaging season on his immune system – and when he, or others in his class are experiencing symptoms, it’s best for him to stay home.  Anyway, one evening, Angela and I were working with him on an assignment that included finding and knowing the title of a particular article.

It didn’t take me long to start thinking:  “What’s in a title, exactly?”  Beyond that, I started to ponder just how many titles we people sometimes like to have.  A title here.  A title there.  Here a title – there a title – everywhere a title, title.  The next day in the office, I did a search on it only to find that I was blown away by how many titles there truly are.  Not the kind that comes with a story heading, or a book name, or a real estate document – I am speaking only of the ones people earn, place, and put into their name.  I am talking about the “title” that so many use and utilize to define “who” they are and “what” they do, have earned, or are trying to describe themselves by.

Here is a short list of some titles (notice the word, some):  Dr., Judge, Bishop, General, Pastor, Professor, Lord (yes, I know, but it is a title for some people), Duke, Prefect, CEO, Provost, President, King, Friar, Mr., Mrs., Chief, Dean, Mate, M.A., Ph.D., BSN, Leader, Sir, Madam, J.D., etc. etc. etc.).  There are many, many, many more.  Lots of titles.  Lots of seeking to be identified, respected, and in some cases, feared.

As I scrolled down the list, and scrolled down, and down, and down some more on what seemed to be an endless page,  I was taken aback at the litany of titles that are used, employed, given, and earned to try and help us have identity in the world.  You see, a title helps to communicate information about who we are, and while there is nothing innately wrong with it, the question has to be asked:  What is the most important title, in our estimation?  Now, how we answer that will reveal a great deal about our motives and priorities.

I admit and confess:  At one point in my life, it seemed to be all about the title.  But that began to change in 1999 and would ultimately be surrendered in 2002.  It was a 3-year process ~ a 3 year journey, and one I am sincerely glad and grateful that I was delivered from.  It is an endless pursuit that gives no satisfaction.

The most important, by far, is son or daughter of God.  It is a title that is not only temporal, but eternal.  It goes on.  In the recent edition of Decision Magazine, this phrase is found:  “Now is temporal, Jesus is eternal.”  So all the titles too, are temporal.  The only one worth its weight in salt is “child of God.”  Today, right now, can you identify with this 1 title that is of monumental urgency and importance?  It’s the only title that matters.  If you can’t ~ let’s be sure to talk.  You can contact me in the litany of ways and I would absolutely love to share how, today, you can have this assurance and promise.

Don’t be drawn by the titles that don’t matter and won’t last ~ get connected to the One Who endures forever and Who cares so deeply and passionately about you.