Much to Share

Clearly we have much to share.  It would be impossible to state or claim that we are Christians, forgiven and empowered by God Himself through the atoning gift of Jesus Christ, led and directed by the Holy Spirit, and we don’t have much to share.

It is fact that we live in a very communication-savvy age with instantaneous, immediate, real-time coverage around the world.  There is social media.  And just who doesn’t own a cell phone?  It appears we do have much to share, and we do.

The statement: “We have much to share” comes from 3 facts (or truths) that can be substantiated:

  1. Jesus Himself instructed His followers to “go into all the world” and be “His witnesses” to the ends of the earth (see Matthew 28, vv.19-20; Acts 1, v.8).
  2. As followers of Jesus in the 21st Century, we continue to the work the Apostles set into motion within the NT Church.  According to the first century Jewish historian, Josephus, these followers of the Way “drew to Jesus both many Jews and many of the Gentiles.”
  3. With over 7 billion people (souls) alive on this planet right now, 4.6 billion do not know Who Jesus is or have not yet invited Him to be Savior/Lord/King of their life (FYI: That is roughly 66% of the worldwide population, with approximately 200 million of this number being in North America alone).

What is interesting to see, hear, and learn is how many people – many credible people who have given their heart and lives to God and who now serve Him in many capacities within the Church claim and project the same reality as they travel around the world, state how few are actually impacted and influenced by what we might refer to as, “professional clergy.”  Rather, most are convinced by their friends – friends telling friends about Jesus and how active God is in their very own lives.  You see, nonbelievers and those yet to be reached do not care about theology discussions, dogma, or seemingly ridiculous semantics.  They watch and they observe, then they listen to those who care about them.  And did I say…”we have much sharing to do!”

Within the fabric of Acts, there are imperative examples of regular people sharing with their friends how God sent and delivered up His Son so that salvation would be poured out, given, and made available to all people.  It is broad and it is personal.  With 4.6 billion yet to be reached friends, we do have much sharing and telling to do!  It would be hard pressed for anyone, anyone, to deny this reality.  And while we might not personally be able to share Jesus with such a massive number, we can be faithful to share with all those in our sphere of influence.  Yes, we have a sphere – everyone does: community; work; social settings; class; the ball-field; book clubs; etc.

As we continue to celebrate His resurrection; His victory over death, and sin, and the grave – we must proclaim it from the rooftops and we must live lives that bear witness to Him.  We have good news to share, so with God’s help, let’s do it.  While some may not listen or pay attention for long, and while the world may tempt to drown out the message, we owe it to Jesus and to them, to share.  So go share!  He is Lord!