On Our Knees


First things first: I am sorry it’s been about a month since the last post. With the travels and happenings over these past few weeks, time to literally sit down and post something has been hard pressed. Will do better these next few weeks, especially in light of how God is moving among His people here at Bridgeway.

So let’s dive in to some really encouraging and assuring things.

If you have been with us these past few weeks, really since June 1, you know that God is really moving in our times of worship together. And if you’ve been a part of our connections ministries, in any way, you also know that the Holy Spirit’s presence is being encountered as people meet, pray, share, and glean the Word. Last week, all during V.B.S., it was evident that God was revealing Himself and imparting something new. Many others have been sensitive to this, and I could not possibly recount all the confirmation that has come in.

That is the beauty of God’s involvement in the Mission He has given His Church:  When He is welcomed, involved, and is the true guide and leader, things receive affirmation and it becomes evident. With this has been a complete desire among dozens of people to really get serious and intentional about prayer (and really, more of it). You see, anything we can hope to do for the Kingdom of God, in furthering it and in being partnered with God for its advancement, will begin and be sustained as we fall on our knees in prayer. A dynamic leader, a hipster movement, a cool system, and even a lot of resources are no match for a people who give prayer the highest priority in their lives and in the work and ministry of the Church. It’s been said, “prayer changes things,” and it absolutely does.

Oswald Chambers once stated, “Prayer doesn’t prepare us for the battle…prayer is the battle.” All over the Word, we see, witness, and learn just how incredibly important prayer is – to our Lord, to the Apostles, and to the New Testament Church. It’s not about words and it certainly isn’t about trying to “impress” God.  Rather, it is to so surrender ourselves to God’s will that He just flows out of us. He knows our needs already – we just need to be “about the Father’s business.” It is there, in that place, where we are empowered from on high.

Much, much more is to come in the days and weeks ahead. More prayer opportunity, that is. So please stay tuned and plan on being a part of what God is doing in our midst. Great days are ahead!

With much prayer, and in His joy!


Author: pastorpg

A follower of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene.

2 thoughts on “On Our Knees”

  1. God bless you Margaret! We missed you for sure, but so glad you could go and visit your Aunt with Rob, before his departure. We are praying for both of them today, and will remember them both (for health and for safety) in the days and weeks to come. Have a blessed day in the Lord! Joy and peace.

  2. Great word! I think God just wants us to be with Him and any opportunity He presents is mostly to get our attention on Him. He just wants our all and all! Then that flow just comes without even thinking about it It’s as natural as getting up and breathing.

    Looking forward to worshipping together next Sunday. I missed it horribly this past weekend. We spent the day in Greenville as Debra K took a turn the other way and Rob wanted to see her before he left. She still needs constant prayer.

    Blessings of peace, hope, and love,


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