Just Give Me Jesus!

Yes it’s a title. Yes it’s found in songs and in books – even in different genres. But beyond a song or a book, or even a phrase, it really should be our plea: “Just give me Jesus!”

Each day I must see a few dozen posts, articles, blogs, and resources that are built upon “church health,” “church growth,” and “ministry development.” A conference here. A marketing campaign there. A new book coming out. A dynamic leader hosting a seminar. Post after post, article after article. Opportunities and resources abound. New shifts. New cultural trends. New geographical content. Updated systems. I get it. Yes, methods do change and new means to share and distribute the Gospel of Jesus Christ are necessary. Yet, I am reminded that the Message itself never changes.

Just give me Jesus! Just give them Jesus! Just give Jesus to the whole world!

For 2,000 years the authentically missional Church has done this. Regardless of challenge, of threat, of safety, of territorial lines, of poverty ~ the true Church has gone into the whole world to “make disciples of all nations…of all people.” We are sent out for this great work. Some are sent into new missionary areas all over the globe. Others are sent into new regions here in the homeland. But most are being sent into their homes, their communities, their schools, and their workplaces to “shine the light.” Our constant plea should be “Just give me Jesus!” The power of the Holy Spirit is on us when we go, do, seek, and serve with the right motive. Not to build an earthly kingdom. Not to promote an alternative agenda. And definitely not to advance a marketing message, wrapped in catchy, 21st century business lingo. Rather, our motive is (and should be): To just give them Jesus!

So who is them? Anyone and everyone we come into contact. Anyone we know or are friends with. Anyone who God so graciously opens a door of conversation, sharing, and time with, who we cross paths with. In other words…the whole world, and everyone in it.

Just give me Jesus…and Lord…help me to give You to all others! May this truly be my life’s mission.


Author: pastorpg

A follower of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene.

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