We say around here, “you belong here” and we believe it. Not only is it true to our core, and not only do we state it emphatically, but over and over again, we live this out and we do our very best (with God’s grace) to demonstrate it.

Back in February, God gave us a theme which became a major focal point for us for several weeks. The “Be” Series that you see and hear about from time to time, was built on that very premise, that we are to believe, belong, and become. Note here: each of those concepts begin with “be.” In fact, our Christian journey is about being like Christ, being His hands and feet, being imitators of God, and being our best for His glory. That is what this journey is all about!

Since those 4 or 5 weeks back in early/early Spring, God has shown Himself faithful. So many opportunities for us to “be” together | to be better together. New ministries and outreach formats have been birthed, and many have stated that they are growing in their walk with the Lord. God’s Message has resonated and fruit is being produced through it.

Now, we turn in September to what is and has become a very key month for us here at Bridgeway as we lead into National Back to Church Sunday. It is not designed or intended to be some marketing campaign or branding slogan. Rather, it has become part of who we are and our chief objective in it is to be faithful to God’s will. And it is God’s will that we would expand His Name to others and further the territory for His Kingdom. That is why we participate and why we are a part. We have unsaved family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors who we would love to see brought into the family of God.

These next few weeks, as we lead into Sunday, September 17 and the actual National Back to Church Sunday Celebration, I encourage you (yes, you) to prayerfully seek God’s heart and desire for who it is that you (yes, you again) would invite and follow up with. Don’t pass this by. Don’t dismiss or discount it. Be faithful. Be mature. Pray | Seek | Act

If we each just do this, in obedience, I believe He will bring forth a harvest. It’s His will that none would perish, so we know He will be in on it. That is His heart. So let’s do it. There is no ministry in obscurity and there is no community in isolation. Bridgeway Church offers people of all backgrounds, experiences, and walks of life real opportunities to believe, belong, and become.

Join us throughout September, starting this Sunday. Make it a priority and don’t miss what God is going to do in our midst. I am convinced it is going to be a miraculous, God-ordered season for our local church body. Praying with you.


Author: pastorpg

A follower of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene.

One thought on “Belonging”

  1. Love Bridgeway Church and what we stand for. M
    “Making Disciples in all the Nations” and especially in Carteret County NC. Loving God, Loving People. We believe, Belong and are Becoming.

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