Closer to the Heart

Since March 1, we have been on a journey of Hope and Renewal. The Series is called, “Come Alive” and with the Series came the 30-day journey. It is designed to prepare us for what begins this Sunday (Palm Sunday), continues through next week (Holy Week), and culminates with our Easter Sunday Celebration.

In relation to this, I felt impressed to share a few tidbits on where we are. I love having a resource like the book to follow together, for those that either bought one or had one provided. It gives us some shared opportunity to glean, pray, and read together.

As we arrive at chapter 20, we see the reference from Matthew 6, v.21. It is a direct statement from Jesus that pierces us. It truly goes straight to the heart and leaves no room for ambiguity or misunderstanding. It is simple, yet, it will drive us to really ponder the essence of our being. Here it is: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will also be.” Clearly in making that statement, Jesus was directly conveying that treasures are a reflection of our heart.

People often go off on a tangent when they hear that or read it. Some will even go so far as to say: What does it mean? Should I just give everything away and live in total poverty? – often implying that it surely is not reasonable, or that Jesus would not require that of us. Relax. That is not what Jesus is saying. Rather, it does mean that we (no one excluded) need to examine our actions and desires and be certain that Christ is the center of our lives (see p.65).

It is no one’s duty, or job, or position to tell someone else how to exercise generosity. That is solely the responsibility of the Holy Spirit. God’s puts His people in places where He can utilize others to guide, lead, and teach us good/godly principles, biblical concepts, and prayerful suggestions – but the inner work and the heart cleansing is His thing!

Simply ask yourself: Based on your actions, behaviors, and choices – related to finances and money – where would you say your treasure is? What would those closest to you respond with? That might be a tad painful to answer for some, or, you could look back and see how far God has brought you. Either way, God will be faithful in His work and He will bring you further – if you will allow Him to. That is a fact for all of us! 

Why this subject? Why at this juncture? What’s the reason? It is fascinating to note that Jesus talked about money, about riches, about treasures more than any other subject. He knew the issues it caused – He knew it was a major reason why people remained distant from God, why others wouldn’t surrender, and why even some would not come to faith. So instead of just tiptoeing around it, or leaving it alone – Jesus goes to the heart, as He so often does.

God loves us. He has provided His best, in Christ, for everything we need for life and salvation.  His piercing may hurt…it will challenge…it even goes deeper than we sometimes wish it would. But He always has our best interests at heart. Wherever our treasure is – there our hearts will be too.

Hope lives.


Author: pastorpg

A follower of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene.

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