Unity, a Great Convincer

Yesterday, the Lord led us to look at unity as one of the great convincing testimonies for the church. Sure, there are others: forgiveness, grace, joy, and love (to name a few). But in our current series on “Unity,” the focus was on this mandate seen throughout the Word of God.

A church, a community, a people unified under God, on mission for His purpose, will have a lasting impact on the culture and world when they seek and find oneness. This is evident at so many levels and in countless ways.

In these past 3 weeks, we’ve gleaned Ephesians 4, Psalm 133, and 1 Corinthians 1 to see how unity has played a critical role with God’s people, in His Church, and in accomplishing His will on earth. In our Wednesday evening Colony Gatherings, this season, we are in a study called, “Be My Witnesses!” – a journey through Acts. Here, we have witnessed firsthand the living testimony of the church in the earliest days. They were on board with God’s mission and they invested in the work. Not only that, they were committed to doing life together.

Here at Bridgeway, our heart is in line with that of our Lord. We desire to be poured out for His plan and purpose: here, in this region, and wherever He leads us. There are opportunities in ministry and in mission, and together, we can accomplish so much more than we could ever do apart. There is space and a definite place for you here.

In this way, we are surely better together, always!

Unity is a great convincer!


Author: pastorpg

A follower of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene.

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