Under Construction

Aren’t we all under construction? I love that phrase, but to be clear, it is more than just a “phrase” we use or a sign we see on the road. Each of us are under construction and the work really never ceases. God has a plan and a purpose for each of us. For so many, that is hard to see or understand. Others outright reject the very thought of it.

Yet, it doesn’t mean it’s not happening; even if we do reject it. For those who come to belief and faith, it becomes clearer in the journey as we respond and come the realization that we really aren’t in control. Yes, we have choices and decisions to make through life but there is certainly a much bigger plan that is being worked out.

It’s been a while now since my last blog. Much in life has been happening in real time. For a few years, everyone has been living what has been called “a new normal” and in the process we have learned much. I look forward to getting back here and sharing what God has done, is doing, and what He is going to accomplish. Stay tuned as we are, “Under Construction,” all of us.

Author: pastorpg

A follower of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene.

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