We are being formed and reformed into the Potter’s hand.  For many that brings with it some good and bad characteristics.  But let’s agree that when it is God doing for forming – it is good, even if we may have some problems with it in our personal lives.  Sure, it may bring a degree of unknowns and uncomfortable situations because we have relinquished the power.  Chambers states:  “we give up the right to ourselves.”  I can tell you this as a matter of fact:  when God has the helm, He is able to do much more than what we can ever imagine.  That is, if we come to the place where Christ is King and we lay it all down before Him, He will finish it.  We can’t keep on “keeping on” – doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  If I am not mistaken, Einstein defined that as “ignorance.” 

I have been really excited as of late by what God is doing in our midst.  I feel that He is refining our vision and purpose as a church body, prepping us for what He wants us to be.  Our Wednesday nights have taken on a whole new direction and theme as we explore, discuss, and talk about “Transitions.”  I am convinced that God is breathing fresh life into our lives and during this time we can expect Him to do something new.  If you haven’t joined us on Wednesdays for a while, or if you are thinking/praying over starting – now is a great time.  It is fresh and it is very user-friendly – on purpose.  His vision, His grace is new each and every day and your presence is all that’s missing. 

Praying and obeying,

Pastor Porter