No Grandkids

2I know everything you have done, including your hard work and how you have endured. I know you won’t put up with anyone who is evil. When some people pretended to be apostles, you tested them and found out that they were liars. 3You have endured and gone through hard times because of me, and you have not given up.

    4But I do have something against you! And it is this: You don’t have as much love as you used to. (Rev 2:2-4)

The core of Christianity is much more than a set of propositions…it far exceeds intellectualism…it goes so much deeper than do’s and dont’s — it is about God Who is passionate about His relationship and love for you.

The incarnation (God becoming man, in the person of Jesus Christ) says that despite our sin and wickedness, He loves us enough to give up Himself, for us, and die a criminal’s death on a Roman Cross.  You can realize your true identity as a son or daughter of Almighty God Who accepts you unconditionally, loves you sacrificially, understands you intimately, and relates to you continuously.  We are all individually responsible to God — He has no grandchildren.  Ever think about that?  In His Kingdom, He only has sons and daughters.  

This Easter Season, as we come into the Holy Week, why don’t we (individually and corporately) celebrate the Good News that is:  when we were at our worst, God loved us and sent His Son into the world to pay our sin debt — a debt we could never have paid in full.  And this Jesus, Who is all sufficient, is made real in us by the power of the Holy Spirit (Col. 1:27). 

That is what I call good news!  Indeed, we are the children of God!

Pastor Porter

Author: pastorpg

A follower of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene.

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