As I was reading and praying this morning, the Lord led me to contemplate, saturate, and meditate on this whole idea of complacency.  At first, I thought it was the words of Paul that landed me there, then I read an excerpt of Chambers – but through it all, the Spirit was the One guiding and directing.

     Paul reminds us all that we must not “forsake our first love.”  Chambers says, “It is dangerous to become settled and complacent in our present level of experience.”  But it is the Holy Spirit Who brings to remembrance all things past and present.  It is He Who brings others to mind and heart – those who have seemingly become complacent, comfortable, cozy. 

     If I haven’t said it or shared it lately – let me do so now:  God is seeking to get our attention.  He is seeking those who will follow Him in truth and in spirit.  While so many direct their sails in every direction, hoping that abundance, prosperity, home, and pleasure will bring stability; while others seek political and societal answers – God remains, waiting for His people to “seek after His own heart.” 

     Don’t know why this has invaded me today – but it has.  I believe God wants to use it in my life, maybe yours, perhaps tonight at our Grow & Connect time.  I am going to keep saturating and praying – and I invite you to join me.  Let’s seek His own heart and yield to His ways!

“The journey is the destination…”

Pastor Porter

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A follower of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene.

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