The 3 “W’s”

Right from the get-go, we are seeking the Lord’s will for a new year and a new opportunity.  Yet, we are more than simply seeking – we are trusting Him for how we work it out.  The greatest plans are no more than plans unless they are implemented; unless they are put into motion.

This year, as previously discussed on facebook and in some of our communications, we are bring 3 “W’s” to the forefront of ministry.  They are:  Worship; Work; and WitnessWhy? – you might ask.  Because they are imperatives within the NT.  Because they are identified in the apostolic, Christ-centered church as actions and attributes of individual believers as well as the corporate body in its wholeness. 

To mature and develop as a Christ-follower, to be “our best for His glory” – we would do well to master the basics and come back to these NT truths.  If we take our relationship with Jesus Christ seriously, and if it is priority #1 in our lives, we will:  (1)  “worship Him in the splendor of His holiness”; (2) realize that our “labor for the Lord is not in vain”; and (3)  “go into all the world, and make disciples of all nations…”  There are of course, many other places where we find imperative commands to do these things.  The early 1st Century church, though certainly with it’s own challenges and problems, modeled these characteristics and traits and gave us an example. 

This year, as we begin to come together to seek God’s direction for 2011, as we start to meet and plan to accomplish His objectives and desires for us as a church family, and as we intentionally pursue building and bridging in new, Spirit-filled ways – we are believing that our resolve, focus, and passion will be recharged and reignited.  No matter what seasons we have gone through – no matter what we are currently facing right now, let us believe and proclaim together:  Jesus Christ is Lord, and our great God and Father has our very best interests at heart.

There is energy for God’s Kingdom, and it is felt throughout many people and ministries at Bridgeway.  We sincerely hope you will come alongside us, join us, and work with us – in unity.  Please join us in prayer and remain in the spirit of prayer, as we journey through this inaugural month of 2011.  Find ways to join us for worship and for our special “together-times” as the body of Christ.  Help us reach beyond ourselves to this community that God loves and cares so much about.  He is indeed worthy of our very best. 

For it is the love of Christ that compels us…

You are loved and prayed for,

Pastor Porter

Author: pastorpg

A follower of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene.

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